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Although there are over 2 billion Muslims in the world, yet many people (Muslims and Nonmuslims) are ignorant of Islam.

The situation is further distorted by the Media's negative portrayal of Islam.

You can help change this by volunteering to portray a positive image of Islam as well as propagating true Islam to Muslims, nonmuslims, and / or new Muslims.

Here's how:

Sign up to Volunteer.

When you volunteer, you will receive a package giving you basic information about Islam, what you can do to portray a positive image of Islam, and how to educate others about Islam. You will receive links to Islamic material, lectures that you can study, and booklets that you can print and give out to others.

You will also be able to further refine your work, enabling you to preach to certain categories of people or people living in a particular region. Our guidance councilor will work with you to choose what's best for you and to provide any assistance you need .

So sign up and get started today! Just fill out the volunteer registration form.

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